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Privacy policy of the portal WWW.SUNWIRES.pt


          The  SUNWIRES  company is committed in protecting the privacy of the user.

          This page explains how we collect data and how we preserve and ensure its privacy.

          By accessing the site you agree to our privacy policy and to allow for the collection of personal information.


Collection of information


          When it become necessary we ask the user for information that allow to provide an appropriate response or service for whatever has been requested.

          The informations collected are strictly necessary for the implementation of the service or application requested by the user.


Use of the information


          Personal informations provided by the user are kept in  SUNWIRES  to respond to the service or application requested.

          The personal information collected is confidential and will not be transferred to third parties.

          The information collected may only be transferred to legal entities if it is required by law (especially in the course of legal proceedings).

          The information provided by the user may be used for sending information (newsletters) or commercial items, only when properly authorized by the user.



          The  SUNWIRES  team is committed in protecting your information, and it will be collected and treated in a safe way through several secure methods.