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One of the most effective ways that a company or brand can use to present information to their customers is through a multimedia presentation. An exciting multimedia experience will establish impact, captive interests and creates openings.


Multimedia presentations can include video, animation, sound and graphics in a way interactive, captivating audiences and increasing substantially the understanding of your message.


In SUNWIRES we develop various forms of multimedia presentations, including:


Promotional CD-ROMs
Institutional Presentations
Cards of Multimedia presentations
Presentations for speakers

Contents of Video / Audio



After a multimedia presentation be developed, the cost of reproduction, for example on CD-ROM, is extremely low, reaching cents per unit.

After this you have only to submit the multimedia presentations by mail or deliver them personally in the next meeting with your client !


The SUNWIRES company also develops websites that integrate multimedia contents in order that your site is also a visual and aural experience.