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           SUNWIRES  is a company existing since 2011.  Specialized in the conception, design and development of applications for the Web, is a success since its creation, as initiative in the world of the Internet.


          We enable a wide range of services, including development, integration, implementation and maintenance of applications in the Internet.


          With  SUNWIRES  help you will have your new or renewed showcase for your sector of activity in Portugal and in the world, particularly in your most important areas of action.


          The participation of your company and its services and products with a site in the Internet is more than ever essential.


          The  SUNWIRES  services are, as recognized in all levels,  one  exhibitor  of successful companies;  a method of consulting  of  services  and  products with value and prestige worldwide;  a certificate of credibility  for those included in the universe of the Internet and an instrument of work necessary for those who fall in any industry.


           SUNWIRES  company owns competence and technical expertise needed to create and develop solutions that support their organization.


          Our solutions are composed through the integration of hardware, software, consulting and services in the areas of IT and by the use of applications of various Business Partners.